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Customized Results


“I believe that each person is uniquely different; they are the result of every experience and impact, BODY-MIND-SPIRIT. My belief is in a customized session that fits the individual based on the work they need. Because of this, I integrate many modalities in each session”   

Renee Cardenas

Here are some of the anxieties and destructive patterns from which you can release when you work with Renee:


Regain Clarity of Purpose:

  • Capture and clear negative emotions and self-talk.
  • Use guided visualization to identify the physical manifestation of psychological/psychic trauma.

Build Confidence and Happiness:

  • Release limiting decisions and limiting beliefs.
  • Discover and Heal emotionally based injuries.
  • Regain a Vision of your inner path.

Identify inner vision and map your unique path and purpose:

  • Get clarity then create your path capturing tools that aid you in reclaiming, refining and continually working on your vision.
  • Gain ability to uncover and trust your internal compass (wisdom) and take action that is in sync with this.
  • Develop internal “anchors” using your 5 senses to get back to your path…on your own.
  • Tap into moments of personal “excellence” and repeat them as needed.

Control and choose your emotions.

  • Learn to manage anger, fear, disappointment and other negative emotions.
  • Connect with and maintain a state of harmony and inner peace.

Enhance the success of medical treatments

  • Reach a deeper healing through your higher self.

Learn a more holistic approach to your body and its connection to spirit and mind

  • Experience relaxation and the feeling of health and vitality.
  • Experience wholeness by nurturing yourself and others.
  • “Mens sana in corpore sano “

Break unhealthy patterns of behavior.

  • Create new pathways to achieve your goals.

Here is my Invitation to you:

If it is your desire to make peace with your body and yourself, to reach a new level of wellness and to experience a full, vibrant, creative and loving life, then I would like very much to offer you a path to do that. I suggest you begin by exploring the website here to see what is available and how I work.



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