Renee Cardenas CHt | What Clients are saying…

What Clients are saying…


Through trust in my intuition and skills my clients and I have developed a deep level of trust and from that they are able to do the work with maximum effectiveness. Here are few of their experiences:

After years of self-torture through negative thoughts and sell-sabotage, I am finally free. With a profound knowing in my gut that the future ahead of me is bright, full of happiness, love and success. I own that now. It was a complete and utter shift in only 3 sessions!   Genius….

Janet S, San Diego

What I got from the session was that I am in control. I am in charge and I have the power. Reuniting the two parts of me was a wonderful experience; no more fighting, no more conflict, just a united front to work together to bring out the best of me. The feeling of relief was incredible and a sense of happiness and joy is back again, and this time to stay. I am feeling healthy and energetic, I am in control, I am in charge and I have the power. Thank you Renee

Jill T, Chicago

In the past three days with you I was able to find ME again! The confident happy and loving ME. You guided me through the process of taking back the control I thought I had lost and allowed me to look forward to the future. I was very stuck prior to our sessions; I did not see my future and that worried me. Now I look forward to my future and am happy with whom I am in the present, I understand my past is gone and no longer serves me! I will always be grateful to you Renee for helping me get back to ME!

Kathy S, NYC

Blocks have been removed in areas where I previously felt stuck. I am introduced to my divine and true essence. I have a renewed sense of personal power. I now stand fully in the shoes of all that I can be. I am re-centered and empowered.

Angela B, New Haven



I appreciate the kind and gentle way Renee worked with me on some deep issues that I have never had the courage to tell anyone, not even my personal therapist of 11 years. I was fascinated how, in each of the 3 sessions, we tackled my very personal and sensitive points with an easy to understand- almost step-by-step approach taking me only as far as I was ready. She (Renee) enabled me to have a clear vision of what was going on both consciously and subconsciously and taught me how to reshape what I wanted to happen in my life. I now have the tools in my head that I can use to help further our work and I believe I can continue to be in the place I really want to be in this life. It was exciting to work with Renee and I am excited to practice all I have learned!

Pamela W, Raleigh

My whole life changed yesterday, Wednesday, July 10. With the incredible help from Renee, I see myself totally different. I am free of a dark lead-like weight of fear which involved my interacting with people in social settings. I see myself looking forward to those times now! I saw that old me explode and be replaced by new happy and eager to enjoy life, me! I feel good about who I am and what I have to share with others. I have a new favorite color, sage green which to me is inviting, calming and at peace. I love it here, in this place and will stay here now.

Cynthia P, Beverly Hills

What have I learned? I have learned to trust myself and now that all parts of me have a higher intention- no matter how they may appear in shadow. I have also learned that I am a whole integrated person who pretends from time to time to be disconnected, lonely and lost. I have learned that my instincts for pleasure over pain are part of the human condition and not worthy of shame and embarrassment.  How will I benefit? I will live in more space moving forward free from fear of my inner protection device (my sweater) and understand that is also the source of my creativity and zest for life.

Jocelyn P London. UK

In this session I was able to get to the heart of the matter. Release the old Sarah and all the baggage of the past (all folded forward trying to protect the heart-staying under the radar –not making waves) Allowed the new Sarah to be born (shoulders squeezed in the back, heart and chest forward, chin held high and walking with purpose) The transformation goes from hiding in the background to showing up and really being heard in a warm and loving way.

Sarah N, Los Angeles


I gained new insights into myself. I know what to do to achieve my outcomes and I feel it will be easy, a part of me. Rather than changing I am opening to my true-self, an inspiration to myself and those around me. This is my natural state.

Amy C, Atlanta

In our work together one of the most helpful things was helping me differentiate between stress and excitement. I now realize that a lot of what I was reading as “stress” was in fact “excitement” and that has changed me profoundly so thank you. Thank you, thank you. I am oddly confident and serene and tremendously grateful to you for helping me on this journey and I very much look forward to seeing you soon. Thank you Renee – you have helped me tremendously.

Donna B, Boston

The one session with you at We Care truly changed my life! I can tell I have already achieved the first of my written goals for the session.  So I sincerely appreciate you introducing this new world. belt

 Elena R, London

Thanks to you, today is 2 years since I smoked my last cigarette….Thanks again for your help with the hypnotherapy, it definitely helped me. I have NO desire to ever smoke again.

John A, Houston



Renee was wonderful, full of wisdom and presence. Really enjoyed her knowledge

Lisa A, Phoenix

I just want to say thank you for the beautiful experience I had with you last weekend, you are a light to me and so many around you. Our session was powerful. My heart is a full of gratitude each day now. I feel positive and grateful

Tanya M, Oregon

I feel the transformation that took place working with you, it was amazing to me that in two sessions I could accomplish so much. Thank you for your the work you do, You are an inspiration.

Paul S, San Francisco

I feel pleased with my dietary choices, that is a gift. After our session I have now a solid structure to help me eating mindfully.  Renee, I am grateful, this is a big step for me.

Jason, Las Vegas- NV



Renee has a way of helping to come to a place of clarity through the fog… her gentle but yet firm approach to change is  really remarkable.  In the space of a couple of sessions with her I feel more confident and aware of areas in my life where growth is now effortlessly taking place, propelling me into action.  Thanks

Penelope, Montana

 …back in my path to health and vitality. You help me to stay focus. I  am learning to have patience and to accept my body. Thank you for looking at me as an individual and for assisting me in creating a plan of action that supports my life style.  Your coaching has been priceless. I am telling all my friends.

Lucy, Los Angeles CA

I wanted to tell you that those two sessions we had have been very successful and i’m crazy grateful to say so.

I’ve been exercising more, working happier – some of the best writing i’ve done on this show was in this past week – and overall i just feel better and more positive about all kinds of things.   some of it’s subtle and some of it has been surprising and all of it has been good.  so i wanted you to know this and to thank you up down and sideways for the time and effort you gave to help me make it so. Bravo bravo, and deepest thanks.

Tom, Hollywood CA

Here is my Invitation to you:

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