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Powerful tools for Relapse Prevention

Transition from struggling to Being in Control, Confident and Happy

Renee is passionate about facilitating the process for people to be in charge of their lives and to make the journey easy and enjoyable. She has joined forces with the Addiction Project. er knowledge and experience is aligned with their work and focus in assisting clients to end their struggle with addictions.

The brain of an addict must have a significant change in believes, values and trigger responses. Training the brain is often ignored in most rehab centers. The subconscious modification techniques work to empower the person at the unconscious level. Research supports the brain’s ability to change by creating new neuro-pathways and by overwritting the old patterns that caused relapse. Our brain shapes our reality; to emerge as a successful, clean and powerful person you must experience that person now.

The unique blend of modalities that Renee uses in her approach to help clients will assist you in creating freedom, loving yourself, establishing new boundaries, rebuilding relationships, expanding your creativity and enjoying life fully .

Get your life back. Improve the quality of your existence!

Here is my Invitation to you:

If it is your desire to make peace with your body and yourself, to reach a new level of wellness and to experience a full, vibrant, creative and loving life, then I would like very much to offer you a path to do that. I suggest you begin by exploring the website here to see what is available and how I work.



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