Renee Cardenas CHt | Breakthrough to Success

Breakthrough to Success

When you realized that  it is time for an emotional and mental ‘Detox’, time to Reset, then; this is the path for you. Discover the role of the unconscious mind in determining your behavior and actions. Set your brain to emerge as the  powerful being you are, expressing yourself fully. The human mind has been compared to a computer and these are the tools for reprogramming. Using gentle and natural ways to access the power of the subconscious mind is quick and effective in resolving personal issues that had created fear and struggle in your life.


How does it work?

We get together (Skype or Phone) for 3 sessions  (1.5- 2hr each). In this short time you can experience YOU in the therapeutic, safe setting.

In person sessions are also available.

Follow up sessions are optional.

Contact Renee for more information.

Here is my Invitation to you:

If it is your desire to make peace with your body and yourself, to reach a new level of wellness and to experience a full, vibrant, creative and loving life, then I would like very much to offer you a path to do that. I suggest you begin by exploring the website here to see what is available and how I work.



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