Reset for Success


 When  you realized that  it is time for an emotional and mental ‘Detox’, time  to Reset, then; this is the path for you. Discover the role of  the unconscious mind in determining your behavior and actions. Set your  brain to emerge as the  powerful being you are, expressing yourself  fully. The human mind has been compared to a computer and these are  the tools for reprogramming. Using gentle and natural ways to access the  power of the subconscious mind is quick and effective in resolving  personal issues that had created fear and struggle in your life. How  does it work?We get together (Skype or Phone) sessions . In this short  time you can experience YOU in  the therapeutic, safe setting.In person sessions are also available.  Follow up sessions are optional.Contact Renee for more information.

Master Results-Life Coaching


From  the beginning our lives we develop deep seated beliefs that create the  “stories “we tell ourselves about who we are and what we can and cannot  do. These stories often are told by others and we accepted and imprinted  them as our truth.Often all you need is someone who listens deeply, and  tells you the truth with kindness and compassion. With Renee as your  mentor, guide and accountability partner, you learn to step out of the  fear cast by your shadow and step into your brilliance.Through the  coaching sessions you will able to trace a road map, stepping  into  action towards your goals.  

Powerful tools for Relapse Prevention


Renee  is passionate about facilitating the process for people to be in charge  of their lives and to make the journey easy and enjoyable.  Her  knowledge and experience is aligned with their work and focus in  assisting clients to end their struggle with addictions.The brain of an  addict must have a significant change in believes, values and trigger  responses. Training the brain  with subconscious modification techniques  work to empower the person at the unconscious level. Research supports  the brain’s ability to change by creating new neuro-pathways and by  overwritting the old patterns that caused relapse. Our brain shapes our  reality; to emerge as a successful, clean and powerful person you must  experience that person now.The unique blend of modalities that Renee  uses in her approach to help clients will assist you in creating  freedom, loving yourself, establishing new boundaries, rebuilding  relationships, expanding your creativity and enjoying life fully .Get  your life back. Improve the quality of your existence!