What clients are saying...

After years of self torture through  negative thoughts and self sabotage, I am finally free. With a profound knowing in my gut that the future ahead of me is bright, full of happiness, love and success. It was a complete ad utter shift in 3 sessions!  Genius.. 

Mark D. Chicago

With Renee I gained new insights. I know what to do to achieve my outcomes and I feel it is easy. Rather than changing, I am opening  and connecting to my true-self, an inspiration to myself and those around me. This is my natural state.  

Amy C, Atlanta

I just want to thank you for the beautiful experience I had with you last weekend, you are a light to me and so many others around you. Our session was powerful. My heart is full of gratitude each day now. I feel possitive and inspired.

Tanya M, Oregon

Renee was wonderful, full of wisdom and presence. Really enjoyed her  knowledge.

Leo A. Phoenix

Renee has a way of helping to come to a place of clarity through the fog..her gentle but yet firm approach to change is really remarkable. In the space of a couple sessions with her I feel more confident and aware of areas of my life where growth is now effortlessly taking place, propelling me into action. Thanks

Penelope, Spain

...back in my path of health and vitality. You help me to stay focus. I am learning to have patience and to accept my body. Thank you for looking at me as an individual and for assisting me in creating a plan of action that supports my life style. Your coaching has been priceless. I am telling all my friends.

Lucy, London

I feel the transformation that took place working with Renee. It was amazing to me that in just one session I could accomplish so much. Thank you for what you do. You are an inspiration.

Paul, San Francisco